The World Famous "Fence Wizard": October 2006

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Can Fencing Stop Copper Wire thiefs????

Extremely high unit prices for copper and other metals have created a massive trend of theft and destruction for various industries and government agencies. Hardest hit are Agriculture and Farming where diesel and electric pumps are often not secured. Even if a chain link fence is around such a pumpstation the chain link can quickly be cut and penetrated.

What fencing options can keep out thiefs from rural sites like this???
1. Omega fence --- Comes much cheaper than Iron fence but more costly than chain link. Boats a heavy 4 or 6 gauge welded wire panels with various designs and heights. Requires a thief to have a sawzall or grinder to penetrate -you cant cut it with pliers. www.

2. Iron Fence
No picture needed here - think of a jail - the most expensive option on this list can be climbable if not designed properly.

3. Chain Link with Razor Ribbon and Barbed Wire. Chain Link itself will do little to keep out copper thiefs - loading up the fence with Razor Ribbon will certainly help. Razor Ribbon or Barbed Tape is dangerous and is likely to make thiefs move on to an easier target.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

New Products and review for residential fencing.

1. Oasis by Simtek Fence, formerly Mity Fence.
Designed and manufactured in Orem, UT. Simtek produces, sells, and markets the "Oasis" line of fence products. The fence quickly spread through the Colorado and Utah markets and now has dealership agreements with installation companies throughout the country. The product offers a bridge between low cost vinyl fencing and high cost block walls and masonry. This is a 100% private fence that appears to have a custom rough granite finish. Six colors are available immediately in 6' and 3' heights. Gates are made in the 6' height for 4' or 6' wide applications; the gates can be doubled to accomplish a 8' , 10' , or 12' opening.

Product features:

Graffiti resistant material

Lifetime warranty

Fast Installation

Unique and Eye Catching Custom Block Design

Galvanized Steel Enforced Panels and Posts

Good up close digital pic of product and color options: HERE, recommended dealer for do it yourselfers:

2. Cali Bamboo
Along the same lines as the Simtek fence, CaliBamboo offers a range of product that will convince the market to slow the need to harvest our forests for short lived wood fencing such as seen at home depot. CaliBamboo offers a truly Green product line of rechargeable material - and yes its real bamboo. One of the best new product websites on the net -
For picture gallery click HERE

3. Child Guard (removable pool fence)
This design has been around for several years now and is the lowest cost option for safely securing your pool from children. Downside: NOT DOG PROOF. This is a hybrid plastic type mesh that is woven through steel poles that quickly installs into sleeves. Can be installed over pool deck or grass. This fence is believed to be compliant with pool codes throughout the country but please check with you local codes to make sure your covered -especially if you are running a daycare. Fence can be removed in short order to open up the yard for parties etc.

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