The World Famous "Fence Wizard": Can Fencing Stop Copper Wire thiefs????

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Can Fencing Stop Copper Wire thiefs????

Extremely high unit prices for copper and other metals have created a massive trend of theft and destruction for various industries and government agencies. Hardest hit are Agriculture and Farming where diesel and electric pumps are often not secured. Even if a chain link fence is around such a pumpstation the chain link can quickly be cut and penetrated.

What fencing options can keep out thiefs from rural sites like this???
1. Omega fence --- Comes much cheaper than Iron fence but more costly than chain link. Boats a heavy 4 or 6 gauge welded wire panels with various designs and heights. Requires a thief to have a sawzall or grinder to penetrate -you cant cut it with pliers. www.

2. Iron Fence
No picture needed here - think of a jail - the most expensive option on this list can be climbable if not designed properly.

3. Chain Link with Razor Ribbon and Barbed Wire. Chain Link itself will do little to keep out copper thiefs - loading up the fence with Razor Ribbon will certainly help. Razor Ribbon or Barbed Tape is dangerous and is likely to make thiefs move on to an easier target.

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