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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

New growth product that can generate sales now!

There is nothing better than a fence product that creates new profit opportunity where none existed before. If you install or sell temporary fence - read carefully: is a new enterprise that manufactures and distributes specialty fabrics that can be installed to existing fence, new fence, or other free standing objects. Hi-visibility construction sites will tap this product first - the future growth will surely include the residential market, event fencing, and any location where printable advertising can benefit. Early projects for Fence Fabric have included: The Trump Towers in New Orleans, The Boston Redevelopment Agency, and Starwood Hotels. New Dealers are now being recruited, you may want to be the only play in your area that offers this product!

Project Coordinator Mathew Murray answered our product questions this week:

Mr. Fence Wizard,

Thank you for your interest and review of our product; here is a rundown about our products:

Fence Fabric is a unique product that was designed to transform ordinary surfaces into classic stone walls, beautiful hedges, pristine landscapes, or other high-quality designs of your choice. Our products improve the aesthetics of any surface, increase privacy and security, and also add a unique and distinguishing element to any property. The versatility of Fence Fabric in terms of size, design, and installation makes our products ideally suited to a wide range of applications, including commercial development projects, residential landscaping, sports complexes, zoos and amusement parks, public works projects, event tents, and other creative uses.

We feature five separate materials:

Supreme Mesh Vinyl- a tight weave, permeable to wind while reducing light penetration

Scrim Vinyl- non-porous and perfectly suited to cover solid walls or other surfaces

Block Out (white back)- internal block-out layer completely obstructs light penetration

Block-Out (black back)- a light-blocking material engineered with a black color on the reverse side

Backlit Vinyl- creates a stunning effect with a light source placed directly behind the material.

All materials used for Fence Fabric prints have been chosen for their superior printing properties and outdoor durability. Both the materials and the inks used in printing are UV-stabilized allowing for long-term installations. Most of these materials can be printed on both sides. Prints are expanded beyond the dimensions of the project and then folded and bound at the edges to provide finished image panels at full size that are ready for mounting. We have an extensive library of stock images and are able to produce custom logos for your business, event, or product. Just let us know how we can help put a better face on your fence.

As regards installation, grommets and zip ties can be used to mount Fence Fabric with most projects. Other fastening options are possible and can be explored with your local fence installer. Our products are competitively priced amongst similar privacy screens or slats. Most projects range in the $2.00 per square foot range and up, depending on material and finishing options.

Contact Fence Fabric at:

Fence Fabric

18520 Burbank Blvd. Ste. 103

Tarzana, CA 91356

888-336-2350 (p)

818-774-1286 (f)

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