The World Famous "Fence Wizard": A new indoor fence solution from Supply Rack.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

A new indoor fence solution from Supply Rack.

Supply Rack Indoor Fence System is ideal for concrete floor installation and is a nice upgrade to the standard chain link on posts and plates installation. Give your customer another option; in many cases this may be the most efficient option to comply with OSHA requirements. Steve Rushing from Supply Rack Sales & Marketing has answered our questions about his product- here is what you need to know:;

Fence Wizard,
Yes, the fencing is quite strong, durable, and helps in many ways to protect employees in the workplace. As far as OSHA regs, this is probably the most prevalent regulation...
The product is manufactured by the Folding Guard Corporation out of Chicago. My firm, The Supply Rack covers the entire USA, trading cad drawings, sketches and floor plans with customers that go back and forth via fax, email, and phone, all the way up to the formal quotation process. Most of my customers are packaging the fence with an automated (robotic) systems to increase production at a manufacturing or process facility. This makes my customer primarily an OEM. The markets are widespread, but some of the more popular applications include fencing security for.. robotic welding cells, automated sorting, palletizing projects, packaging operations, conveying systems, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, medical, etc. Here's an animated sketch of what a simple robotic cell might look like.
There are many ways to protect employees from machine hazards, and safety fence with interlock devices is quite common.. Here are the types that I recommend most often..
For Perimeter jobs, our Cell-Guard II is excellent for custom configurations if we need to design "around" obstructions, posts, or anything that might require circlulars, oblongs, etc.
An economical version of the Cell Guard 2, is the standard Cell Guard offering..
Our Saf-T-Fence is quite useful for jobs requiring maximum strength. The panels are "through-bolted" to the posts.
Hope this information is useful, and thanks for featuring the Supply Rack at "The World Famous Fence Wizard Blog".

Always available for questions...
Steve Rushing
Supply Rack Sales & Marketing
847-612-3775 (cell)


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David Dadson said...

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