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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Fencing Calculators and Project Estimators!

The question we get most here concerns planning and material needs. Here is a collection of some helpfull fencing calculators from around the web:

Concrete calculator (tells you how many bags or yards you need):
Calculator provided by Hoover Fence - click back to the homepage for some other options

Fence Project Price estimator (Includes Labor)
Total project calculator from Master Halco

The Master Halco link will actually give you project options for several types of fence and can link you to companies that will respond for installation. These are real fence companies that are not forced to purchase material from Master Halco.

Be very careful of some of the new companies that are advertising leads - service magic and others - I can not vouch for these services or how they do business.

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alex amarxon said...

quite easy spreadsheet tool that can estimate the construction related cost straight using the power and simple UI of MS Excel software.wood fence cost

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