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Thursday, January 4, 2007

FENCE WIZARD MAD. Online fence companies that suck!

The Fence Wizard is here to lend a hand. This time we would like to lend a finger. Today's rant is directed at two online retailers of fence prodcut.

First off - Do not buy chain link products online ever. You will pay far too much and get despicably lightweight specs. If you didnt know - such is the case at home despot and lowes as well. Where should you buy? Find a local fence company that offers retail sales - they are hard to find but well worth the trouble.

Here was my test quote from
I asked for 6' high x 100' of chain link fence. The spec they provided is less than pathetic, it includes 1 5/8" 17 Gauge Line Posts - the FENCE WIZARD would not bother pooping on this. Also included 11 Gauge Aluminum ties - I have never heard of anything weaker than 9 gauge until now. Remarkable. Total cost with shipping ran $8.16 per foot. A fence with appropraite specs should run about $6.50-7.00 per foot retail. Again with "appropriate specs".

What a nightmare, but it doesnt end there by any means. I next went to and priced out a basic 6' high cedar fence. Spec included 5/8" x 6" wide Cedar Pickets and 2 rails. Wood posts included "for beauty and strength". I had the online calculator run me a price for a 100' straight run - no gates. The price----An unbelievable $2,144.00 excluding concrete. This is far above what such a fence should install for with labor. Is anybody buying this garbage for these prices??? Once again - and are complete rip offs. Sadly they are likely two of many.

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