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Friday, March 16, 2007

Border Fence Talk... The real issue.

Has one fence ever caused so much concern, panic, and general confusion??
The Fence Wizard says no. Now lets clean this mess up.
Issue #1:
Does a Nation have the legal and moral authority to define its borders, language, and legal system? Yes.
Issue #2:
Should a Nation have rules concerning where, when, and to whom access is granted? Yes.
Issue #3:
Will a border fence help meet basic security improvement goals regarding sentry, licensing, and the future of any labor regulation that may occur in the United States? Yes.

Too Simple? No. This is a basic issue - its not right wing or left wing; its about common sense. all other debate regarding immigration, work visas, and citizenship should occur on their own merits. "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" as described by the President and Congress is a total failure of thought and practice. Enough said; the Fence Wizard has fence to build.

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Anonymous said...

The folks here at ALLSTAR FENCE co. could not agree more. Keep it up Wizard!

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