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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Wizardly Billing Tool....

Doing one of your first Public Works Projects? Have a big Residential job that you need a to send a professional looking progress billing on?

The Wizard has a free tool for you. Call it an early Xmas present. We have developed an Excel file that you can use to professionally bill for partial payments. All you have to do is figure out what percentage of work you have done and punch in the numbers. The rest of the headache of redundant math and percentage calculations will be done automatically for you. This file will also calculate the retention (you choose between 5% or 10% retention). Most General Contractors require a similar format - they should accept this (and they will be impressed with the automatic template). The only problem is that Google Blogger does not allow us to upload the file to this site. So if you want the excel file template just send an email to: (Type "Request Excel" in the subject) and we will forward the file to you. You obviously need to already have Microsoft Excel to run this file.

Here is what the template looks like, you can enter in your own item list in the "B" Column - I entered in some example descriptions and values. (click on it to view a larger image):

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