The World Famous "Fence Wizard": Top Ten Reasons To Install A Fence!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Top Ten Reasons To Install A Fence!

Top Ten Reasons to install a Fence.

  • 1. Neighbor just installed a fence, took ownership of your pool
  • 2. Someone has been sneaking in and shearing mohawks on all of your sheep
  • 3. Neighborhood cat gang keeps coming through and roughing up your dog
  • 4. You spotted an endangered species in the backyard, want to trap it / eat it
  • 5. Because your never planning on accessing those 7 cars anyway
  • 6. Local Walrus keeps using the pool univited
  • 7. Someone pitched a tent in your backyard and wont pay you rent
  • 8. Your yard is sloped; tired of rolling all the way down the hill after a night of drinking
  • 9. Your neighbors horse keeps using your wifes feedbag
  • 10. Installing deck sideways is too costly
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