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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 50 most visited Fence Companies on the Internet...

The "Wizard 50" is a list of the most visited web sites in the Fence industry. The Fence Wizard has been counting web hits in cyberspace for some time in order to complete the first known Fence Industry traffic list. In doing so we make the following conclusions:
First - It is likely that more than 500,000 prospective fence customers go online each month for product information, company research, and to purchase material from online retailers. Online retailers represent the bulk of the traffic. This is a direct result of the paid advertising they do with google, yahoo, and msn to secure product ads on search engines.
Second - Many of these companies did not exist 1 or 2 years ago - this tells us that online retailing in the fence industry is still growing and new capital is coming in to create some of these companies.
Third - These online retailers are typically competing with Home Depot and Lowe's - meaning that they are pushing inferior product in most cases and often selling products with specs that most of us would refuse to install ....see one of the Fence Wizard's past articles on the subject -click here.

Now without further delay - The "Wizard 50" with traffic totals (these are unique visitors per month as averaged over the past one year)......

Hoover Fence Company (On-line Fence Retail) 51,834

Trex (Composite Fence and Deck Manufacturer) 29,374

Chamberlain (Access Control Systems) 25,870

Invisible Fence (The no fence of fencing) 25,443

Master Halco (National Wholesale Distributer) 23,690

Cali Bamboo (Complete Bamboo Product Line) 23,153

Academy Fence (NY and NJ Resi - Retailer) 21,301

Vinyl Fence and Deck (Bufftech and More) 18,650

Amazing Gates (Gates and Access Control) 18,404

Fence Center (Total Residential Fence Dealer) 17,176

Garden Structure (Plans, Custom Wood) 17,009

King Architectual Metals (Iron Parts and More) 14,336

Kencove (Farm Fence Supply) 12,313

Fence Depot (Residential Fence Sales) 9,839

Long Fence (East Coast full service) 9,308

Husker Vinyl (Westech Vinyl Retail) 8,897

Discount Fence (Resi and Access Control) 8,819

A Vinyl Fence and Deck Wholesaler 8,614

Fence Wholesale (Residential On-line Retail) 8,328

Global Fence and Gate (Iron/Aluminum) 6,850

Austintown Fence Company (Vinyl/Alum.) 5,559

Fence It (Strange link only page) 5,591

Ameristar Fence ( Leader in Metal Fence) 5,116

Better Fences (On-line Residential) 4,732

Artisan Precast (Concrete Wall Stamping) 4,303

Completely Random Links Page 4,072

Pool Fence (Removable Mesh Fence) 3,885

AFA (official site) 3,458

Ametco (Steel Fence and Industrial Products) 2,937

Fiberon (Composite Fence and Deck) 2,670

Pacific Gate Works (Very Custom Gates) 2,501

Buy Vinyl Fence (Complete Vinyl Line) 2,483

Fence City (Delgard Aluminum Fence) 2,303

Vinyl Fence (Residential Vinyl) 2,038

Great Fence (Residential Aluminum) 2,018

Merchants Metals (Complete Wholesale) 1,997

Protect A Child (Removable Mesh Fence) 1,736

Select Fence Distributers (Aluminum Fence) 1,661

Royal Outdoor Prodcuts (Complete Vinyl) 1,585

Outdoor Fence (Complete Residential) 1,579

Privacy Link (Vinyl Slats) 1,561

Bufftech Vinyl (Official Site) 1,498

Apollo (Complete Access Control) 1,480

All Star (Access Control Systems) 1,477

Pro Tarps (Privacy Screen and Solar Shade) 1,425

American Fence Co. (Largest Fence Installers) 1,386

Danielle Fence Mfg.(Florida Full Service) 1,357

Softward Design Specialists (Custom Software) 1,025

Boundary Fence and Railing Systems 984

Collins Company (Custom Screen and Mesh) 931

All Horse Fence (Vinyl Rail and other Equine) 789

Kiwi Fence (High Tensile Fence) 684

Country Estate (Vinyl and Aluminum Wholesale) 608

World Fence News (Key Link to News / Trends) 603

Builders Fence Co (Complete Wholesale House) 456

Originally posted Dec 2007.


Manny said...

What about CertainTeed - They are a huge name in Fence and Deck!

Manny Schilling
New England Fence and Deck

Fence Wizard said...

CertainTeed is indeed a huge name in fence and deck but they also do roofing, siding, windows, and a bunch of other stuff. If we posted them in with the fence only companies they would be #1. There is no method to count the hits to the fence only portion of their website. picks up over 73,000 unique visitors per month.

George Garland said...

How do you come up with these stats?
Is there a list somewhere?

Fence Wizard said...

That is a closely held secret - there is no list anywhere else of Fence Industry Websites. This is the first and only. Hope it is helpful for anyone looking to understand the industry and its online presence.

mel said...

Dear Fence Wizard,

I am curious, in your 12/11 blog posting, you claim to have been
"counting web hits in cyberspace for some time in order to complete the
first known Fence Industry traffic list." Where did you get this data
and how to we know it's valid? Most companies closely guard this type of
information and are unlikely to volunteer it.



Fence Wizard said...


Companies can guard their data all that they want, there are several webtracking sites that count unique hits and rank sites whether they like it or not. I am paid member to several of them but still had to compile and test my own list of more 300 companies to develop the wizard 50 which I have actually allowed to swell to almost 60 as oversights have been found and added. and
are two of the free resources for this.

Thanks for your question,
The Fence Wizard

cariej said...
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Anonymous said...

They have a listed for what they consider the best local web page???? It has a 0 page rank, no links, hidden text at the bottom, gets hardly any visitors??? I just don't get it. And what are you guys talking about..."a closely held secret"??? Just go to quantcast or a million other sites like that.

Carol said...

We are excited to see up there next year. They have a new site and are already getting over 2000 page views per day! Keep an eye on them!

Mike Caruso said...

You forgot FenceTown which would easily be in the Top 15 fence sites on the Web.

John R said...

Many of these I notice are suppliers, however, do you think it is possible for a Fence Company in Michigan to ever become one of the top 50 visited fence company websites?

Richard said...

What about - they have tons of traffic and rank in the top 5 Search Engine Results pages ... major player you missed.

Robert Cisco said...

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John B. said...

Definitely a great list of fence companies there!! Like your site too!!

Steel Fence said...

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Fence Installation NJ said...

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John - Boundary Fence Sales Rep said...

I am glad to see Boundary Fence ( on there as one of the top visited sites to buy vinyl fencing online. As one of their regional sales reps, this is something that I can use when pitching our accomplishments. Thanks!

Paramount Fence & Railing said...

Great List. Wish our <a href=">Michigan Fence Company</a> could be on that list! That would be a great deal!

Vinyl Fencing in Michigan said...

OOPS. Apologize for the mis-spelling on our previous comment: Great List. Wish our Michigan Fence Company could be on that list! That would be a great deal!

Keelytm said...

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Toby Crane said...

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David Dadson said...

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Layne Adams said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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John Green said...

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Shelly Slader said...

We are about to put in an iron fence in Fort Worth TX. Before we do it, is there anything we should know? Any disadvantages to iron fencing so that we should change our mind on the material?

John Howard said...

Looks like there are a lot of fence companies here. I was wondering if you know of any iron fencing in Chicago, IL that I could look up. Thanks.

Kat Brennan said...

I've been looking for metal fencing in Calgary. I want to get one up before winter rolls around!

Jak Manson said...

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Dane Kimball said...

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Seamus Lowe said...

Thanks for this. I'm trying to find someone who does fences and driveway gates in Vancouver. My fences and gate look like a tornado almost ripped them out of the ground.

Seamus Lowe said...

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Ron Johnson said...

I didn't know there was such competition between fencing companies online. I wonder where this data was collected from in order to decide which fencing companies were the most popular. I don't see a several fencing companies that I am most familiar with.
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Thiago daLuz said...

Wow, I didn't know there were any compilations like this on the web. This is really handy, because we're replacing our fence in a month or two. Hopefully one of these contractors is in our area! Thiago |

May Munro said...

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Brooke Bowen said...

I'm looking for some fence builders around my area. My kids are getting old enough that they love to play outside in the yard, but I want there to be a fence for safety and protection. Do you have any suggestions?

Ted Smith said...

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Vinyl Fences said...

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Florida Vinyl Fence said...


I would like to humbly suggest Veka inc. be added to this list.

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We currently buy exclusively from them for use in our Florida Vinyl Fence fabrication facility.


Anonymous said...

Is there any way to have this stats updated to at least 2016?


Yajnarup said...

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Jade Graham said...

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Unknown said...

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American fence corporation said...

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