The World Famous "Fence Wizard": How to spend about $400,000.00 in March.

Monday, February 18, 2008

How to spend about $400,000.00 in March.

Want to be at the center of the online Fence Universe?
"" goes up for auction on ebay on March 26th, 2008. The reserve is a mere $225,000.00 so make sure your accounts receivables are in order.

If you are more of a bargain shopper you may want to check out "" that will also auction on Ebay 2 days after The reserve for this site is just $95,000.00 (just pocket change really). If you were curious "" already exists; as always just click on the blue words to magically travel to all Fence Wizard Links.

Here is a tip that may save you a fortune: "" still seems to be available. Supply limited to one of course.

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