The World Famous "Fence Wizard": Video and Fence; A YouTube Study.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Video and Fence; A YouTube Study.

From Fence Plowing to FenceTech some strange things can be found on the web when searching for Fence Videos. The Fence Wizard has taken the time to compile the first Fence Video Directory. Grab some popcorn:

Bad Tv Shows try to explain Fence Products:
Designing Spaces at FenceTech 2007
CBS Morning Show Fence Building Advice
Product Display, Installation and Manufacturer Show offs
D & D Technologies Gate Hardware
Amazing Gates - Electric Gate Operator Install
Magna Latch Products
Lock and Latch Gate Handle
Turnstyle Gates- Electric Iron Gates
Elite's Miracle Operator
Viper Electric Operator
Ameristar Montage Install via Hoover Fence
Cantilever Gate Install via Hoover Fence
Electric Fence Installation Part 1
Electric Fence Installation Part 2
Fence Plowing and Electric Fence mishaps:
Kid Crashed into Fence on Skateboard
Electric Fence you guess the rest
Goat that enjoys his electric fence

No explanation; just take a look
Pee on Electric Fence
Invisible Fence.......
Fence Plowing (XL Morning Show)
Interview with the Original Fence Plower
Fence Commercials and other oddities
Budweisser Invisible Fence Commercial
Harper Fencing Commercial (UK)
Himco Security Products Commercial
Simtek - Mity Fence vs. 70mph fastball


Anonymous said...

We were thinking about putting a couple fencing videos on youtube in order to direct some extra traffic to our website but we are unsure if this would be a very effective strategy to increase leads for fence installation in michigan.

Do you have an opinion on this?

Marc said...

Thanks for all the good info! I'm thinking about getting a wireless dog fence but I'm not sure which one…I've heard some good things about Havahart Wireless and it seems like they have the best features…anybody ever tried that one?

John B. said...

Definitely some cool fence videos there!!
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Boundary Fence and Railing systems said...

youtube is a great marketing tool no matter what industry you are in. We need to start utilizing it more for our vinyl fence manufacturing company.

solar teju said...

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