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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Fence Economy on Google Finance

The Fence Wizard recently posted an article "Fence Industry Outlook - What Can the Stock Market Tell Us". The trouble of course continues to be that very little information is available regarding the Fence Industry because the vast majority of Companies in the Industry are Private and therefore need not report profits, estimates, or any other data to the public. The past two weeks on Wall Street have sent a strong signal - Ben Bernanke has to cut rates aggressively to avoid what may be an inevitable recession here in the States - Fed Reserve Comments today suggest that the message is getting through and Cash is on the way.

The Fence Industry has been struggling through a soft residential market with mixed opportunity in the Industrial Arena for 18 months or more in some markets. Google Finance does offer some helpful coverage for large private firms (127 companies to be exact) that are related in some way to the fence industry. Here are a few of the most relevant links from that list - click through to pick up some recent news and company info.

Allied Tube and Conduit
Master Halco

Kroy Building Products
Merchants Metals Holding Company
Oklahoma Steel and Wire Company
Wheatland Tube Company
Certain Teed Corporation.......... (CertainTeed to cut 125 employees by May)


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