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Saturday, January 5, 2008

How to Improve Your Fence Companies Online Presence

With all signs pointing toward a difficult year ahead it has never been more important to get the most marketing for the least amount of money. How about key marketing for free? Here is the World Famous Fence Wizard link list to free online advertising and marketing for your fence company. Remember, the more links coming back to your website and the higher it will rank in search engine results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Here is what we recommend:

Fence Industry Sites that you can participate with for free:
1. will give you a free listing and send you free traffic through their national fence company database. You are invited to create an advanced account with them but it is not required.
2. DMOZ - An open Directory Project Website. Basically just a Super List of fence company links that you can submit your company to.

Basic Free Advertising Through Company Directories (Find your base add and improve it for free; most of all make sure you are listed)

Post a free advertisement concerning any service you are offering at: (also - try using it when you need to find a new employee; its free)

Networking Options:
1. Start a Myspace page and throw some pics on - you can do it in about an hour. Here is one company that did just that: Champi Fence
2. Join Facebook - Be an online member of your local community - Network! Network! Network! Join the United Fencers Association Here
3. Go to "Linked" and simply add your personal professional information, company name, and website link. It will take 15 minutes. When someone types your name into Google or Yahoo - your "Linked" information will come up every time.

Fence Discussion Sites that you can participate with, comment on, and leave a link:
1. The World Famous Fence Wizard - leave a comment on any article and link back to your website - Don't forget to sign our guestbook!
2. "Fence Resource" Discussion Page - Become a member for free and dive in!

Help with your website:
Track your traffic and see exactly where your hits come from, with Google Analytics
Find out exactly who is linking back to your website with: Who Links to Me?
Review the First Fence Industry Website Traffic Comparison:"The Wizard 50"

Rainy day reading advice:
Check your company record at The Better Business Bureau (even if you are not a member your company will be listed - you need to know what your customers are reading about you).
How do Google Searches work (how can you rank higher than your competitor who does not read the Fence Wizard Page)???? Click here and take a read!

This free marketing guide has been brought to you by: "Smart Business for Contractors: A Guide to Money and the Law (For Pros, By Pros)" - A Fence Wizard approved resource that you can buy for just $4.48.


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