The World Famous "Fence Wizard": 1st annual web design awards for fence companies

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

1st annual web design awards for fence companies

This guide should serve a model for up and coming companies to view and emulate the best websites in the fencing industry. If you see a category that we have missed or a company website that trumps our choice -LET US KNOW! Its a big internet out there.

Category #1: Best product (manufacturer website)
Lots of ideas, options, and pictures. Clearly the online fence info winner and its from a company with a long history of quality distribution.

Category #2: Best new product website..............
This must be the fastest growing fence product in America with dealerships now expanded throughout the country. The growth is so promising that Simtek spun off from the parent company "Mity Lite" into a stand alone company.

Category #3: Best local fence company
Found this one from Central California - gives viewers important company information and background and then hits you with recent project pictures and key links right on the homepage; very professional. Nick Champi Enterprises Inc.

Category #4: Most travelled Fence
According to and the winner for this category is Hoover Fence - they have been online retailing for longer then anyone and getting more hits than anyone else.

Category #5: Earth friendly Fence product that makes sense....
Cali Bamboo is worth a visit even if you have no current fence needs; check out the multitude of project pictures and ideas for inside and out of your home. For you Greenies - check out their regular newsletter and total commitment to renewable resources; the Wizard is impressed the companies 1% giveback program .

Category #6: Best online tool for Fence
A good source of projects coming up for bid and vast array of industry news; Gene Kalb has been a well known member of the fence industry for many years, thank Gene. Just remember, he is no Fence Wizard - but then again, who is?


Jim Dutra said...

How do they sell the Simtek - is it per foot cost or per panel?

We do not have a local dealer in Tahoe, what do you suggest?

Fence Wizard said...

As with any fence system, find a dealer and get them your layout and gate locations. Let them work the specific material needs. Have them split the price between material and labor so you can see what is going on. If you go to and click on "Dealers" the closest to (Lake Tahoe???) is the Hanford, CA dealer. As with many new products - sometimes a dealer is not set up in your hood yet.

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