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Thursday, November 29, 2007

United Fencers Network Established on Facebook...

The United Fencers Network or UFN has recently been established on facebook. Facebook allows groups of the same ilk to converse, meet, and discuss common interests. The UFN will be focused on concepts and concerns that suppliers and installers are currently dealing with. The advantage of using Facebook for this enterprise allows free access to all who join, access to industry news, and instant communication with other companies, suppliers, and even customers that are literally around the world.

When you have a minute or two - stop by - sign up - and look for the United Fencers Network (UFN). It's easier than running a 20' stringline and hopefully it will keep us all in line. Our consumers are online now - lets get back ahead of the game, get informed and connected. Let me make it easier::::
Here is a shortcut - follow the linkbelow:

Everyone can join Facebook free and easy. To register, go to:


Fence Wizard said...

Good idea, Thanks for running this website

Eric Russel
Valley Fence Co.

Patios South Jersey said...

Facebook has realy taken over, especially for the fence industry.
fence nj

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