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Monday, November 12, 2007

Architects already know it - go to

This website can be a great tool for folks looking to specifiy exactly what they want on their private business or even residential fence project. Its very simple and this is a free site --- go to
Type in "Fence" in the main search on the top of the page and you will see:

CSI CATEGORIES (Select category to refine search)

(32 31 00) fences and gates
(32 31 13) chain link fences and gates
(32 31 19) decorative metal fences and gates
(32 31 29) wood fences and gates
(32 31 23) plastic fences and gates
(32 31 16) welded wire fences and gates

(Go ahead and use the above category links, I made them active)
Follow your nose from there - you will have acces to designs like the
one pictured (Top) from Builders Fence Company.


Tim West, Dallas TX said...

I am surprised that was free, thanks for the link.

Monty said...

That is a great link - took a minute to get signed in - but well worth it.

Thanks again,

Mitch said...

-Mitch Spears

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