The World Famous "Fence Wizard": The Story long ignored by US media: the overwhelming success of Israel's border fence

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Story long ignored by US media: the overwhelming success of Israel's border fence

The Fence Wizard staff has brought you the complete story that has miraculously gone unreported concerning the Israeli border fence and its effect against terror attacks. The links, videos, and slide shows below will convey an enormous amount of information in just minutes - this is well worth it, the information is well presented. Once you absorb this basic information you will be forced to wonder- Why have I not heard about this?????

Click HERE for the official Israeli Diplomatic Website....below are the key links:
The Anti-Terrorist Fence - Facts and Figures: English
The Anti-Terrorist Fence - An Overview: A comprehensive summary of the major issues concerning the fence (WORD 62 KB)
Saving Lives: Israel's Security Fence (pps): English (2mb)
Which Is Really Worse
(pps 1mb)

Fence Against Terror (Video - IDF Spokesperson production). Ramadan Shalah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader,publicly admits that Israel's Security Fence is an important obstacle to the terrorist organizations policy of carrying out suicide attacks.

Although the media describes the fence as a wall, 96% is rather rudimentary chain link fencing. The walled section was erected to protect a highway from rooftop sniper fire that had become a regular problem. The erection of a fence in this case has saved lives. It has increased the freedom of peaceful people. The ultimate display of a good fence making good neighbors. The fence is not the answer to all problems, but it is saving lives and adding Wizard like stability.


Anonymous said...

Im not involved with fencing but thank you for the links on this article. You are right - all of this basic information has never been put forward in context anywhere in the US media. Amazingly you would think that we would have kept close track of the Israeli fence situation given our current debate on securing our own border. Thanks.

Devin, Grand Rapids

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